Friday, 27 May 2011

♥ About Ka Yi ♥

♥♥Lim Ka Yi
♥♥21 years old
♥♥Help University college
♥♥Psychology Course

Ka Yi is from Seremban, she have seven people in her family, which are her parents, an elder brother and three little brother. Her hobby is swimming and her aspiration is to become a stewardess. She started dream of her aspiration when she was 15 years old. All her friend around her knows that she was a joyful and a caring person. People like to be with her because they know that Ka Yi always like to amuse people around her and make people laugh all the time. 

My Dream
Ka Yi feel curious with the different lifestyle of the different cultural people in the world. Therefore, she think that become a stewardess, she can enhance her knowledge and can meet many different race of people in different country, by knowing their different cultural with their different lifestyle. Between, she always dream of  traveling around the world. Hence, she believe that it is a very good opportunity for her to travel the world by becoming a stewardess. Beside, a stewardess has many opportunity in become different character such as a doctor and firemen when it is an emergency happen on board. In fact, she would like to be apart of the different character on board.  She believe that a stewardess is a very professional work for her. 

Ka Yi wish that she can become a stewardess after finish her Degree of Psychology course in HELP University College. She always believe that through the psychology course, it would help her in understand more the customer's thinking and behavior. This may help her to give a perfect service for the customer. She hope that she could give an excellent experience for her customer in flying with the airlines as what the quote written on the poster of Korean Airline which is ''Excellent in Flight''.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

♥ About Fei Li ♥

Name : Wong Fei Li
Age : 20

                Wong Fei Li , Faye , is a friendly jovial fellow.  The Laughter of her could be pretty well representing her character.  All her close friend could hear her laughter whenever they are sticking together. Never judge her if you don’t know her. Besides, she is playful, outgoing, and open-minded.  In the first impression, many of her course mates taught that she is kind of too playful and don’t care on her studies.  But she is the kind of play hard and also works hard. She took seriously in her studies and she never makes her father worry about her studies and results.  She is mature and independent too.  She usually settle the problem herself and she started to be independent since she is age 8.
                She loves sport a lot. Sweating is the way she releases her stress and boost her mood up. She hit to gym every week and rejuvenating herself is important after a whole stressful day from school and work. Sports taught her about the stamina and the spirit of persistence in doing everything. She will not give up easily in her working tasks.
                She likes to communicate with people around her and share their opinion and experience in their life. She always makes new friends and meets new people. This is the reason why she took up psychology course in Help University College. She is interested with people and the thinking of them.  As being a Counseling psychologist is her dream because she wants the world smiles and free from psychological sickness which could seriously ruined their whole life. She hopes that she could affect them by her positive characters and bring the joyfulness to them.

♥ About Yean Lin ♥

Lim Yean Lin was born in 26 April 1990 in Negeri Sembilan. She is currently pursuing her psychology degree at Help University College. Doing a degree in psychology makes her feels like she’s on the right path. She likes to explore new places though sometimes she has no clue how to get there. She likes travelling and her next travel destination to visit is Greece. Lim loves dressing up herself. She believes that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Her biggest challenge is being stage fright. However, Lim is willing to overcome it.
She often dreams of her future ever since she was a little girl. She dreamed of becoming an astronaut when she was 7 years old, a doctor when she was 10 years old and a lawyer at her teenage. As she grown older, she came to realize that they weren’t what she really wanted to become. She often thinks “What would she become in 10 years?”Going through common life processes like studying, looking for job, earning a living, getting married, raising up children and so on without life’s purpose and direction… NO! Instead she wanted to live her life out passionately and abundantly, with no regrets. She tends to have influence on people, motivates and inspires them to live their life to the fullest. She dreams of becoming a successful motivational speaker one day, giving speech on stage with thousands and thousands of audience listening. She wishes that people would get motivated and inspired with her talks and speeches. Besides, she has a great passion in building women’s outward appearance. She wishes to start up her own image consulting film, making her clients look physically much more confident. She wouldn’t want to live an ordinary life as she believes she only live once. She believes in her dreams and aspirations. They always keep her moving forward. Hence, she’ll never give up pursuing her dreams.

Her favorite quote is “I found it very tough. I have to admit that I slipped up once or twice along the way but made it through am now really looking forward to tucking into some nice sweet treats.” – by Susan Boyle.

Apparently, Susan Boyle is her greatest inspiration. Susan had been rejected from previous talent show in U.K. before she took the stage in the popular show, Britain’s Got Talent. Nonetheless, she remained undeterred. .Amid incredulous looks from the judges and barely suppressed laughter from audience members in Britain’s Got Talent show, Susan Boyle sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical showLes Miserables. Her critics were instantly silenced as attention shifted from her ordinary looks to extraordinary singing talent. She was put through to the show's semi-final. Now, she’s become a famous and inspiring singer. 

Lim was stunned by Susan’s persistency in pursuing her dream to become a professional singer. Now, she is.

♥ About Ming Li♥

Her name is Chan Ming Li, she is 20 years old. Her friends who are close with her will call her Billy. Ming Li is the eldest among her brother and her sister, so her parents always put their hope on her. However, she is now having her degree of psychology in Help University College.

Working can improve our personal development, because she have learned a lot from her working experiences before study in University. She had working experience as a tuition teacher, promoter, and admin after graduation of secondary school.

Her communication skill is improved when she was working as promoter and admin because she had trained to speak more, and as an admin, she need to present her idea when she was having meeting with her team group. Besides that, she had learned a lot of Korean culture from the company because her company was a Korean company. 

Furthermore, she like to dance but without any competition. She believe that dancing will bring her a lot of fun but not stress. Hence, her dream is traveling around the world, and she would like to join the dancing group and enjoy the freedom of dancing with them.

♥ About Jeevita♥


 Jeevita d/o Muniandi, turning twenty this November. She did foundation in Science but ended up  doing Psychology, since she realized that Psychology is her passion. She doesn’t wish to do a course just because many of them are taking that particular course. Social service is one of her great interests, which explains why she chose to pursue her studies as a psychology student. For time being, she is concentrating more on her studies eventhough she wishes to volunteer herself to do social service. Unfortunately, she can’t help it. She desperately wants to achieve something in order to prove herself and her capability as well. In future, she wants to become a successful psychotherapist and give therapy to people who are really in need. As time passes, the her will to do so is becoming stronger and stronger.

          Since young, she has been inspired by many interesting people in her life. Thus, there is always a strong will in her to inspire people as well. It doesn’t have to be a big group of people, as long as she could feel some satisfaction in changing someone’s life into a better one, that is more than enough for her. That is her goal and she wishes to keep going with it lifelong. In some way, she wishes to see a smile on a person’s face, who have been frustrated all this while. The moment she realizes that she could make the change, she would feel as if she has achieved a great thing on that particular day. She would like to make changes in people who really need it.
        She just wants to make people realize that there are so many undiscovered abilities in us, that we are capable of doing. Her dream is to be part of someone’s amazing achievement, she would be so glad to watch them progressing in every stage of their lives ,without giving up. Her focus is more on disabled people who are being discriminated by the society instead of being motivated. She has come across, quite a number of disabled people’s incredible achievements which made me realize that she is not even putting that much of effort as they do. This is making her look up at those people who actually proved themselves, eventhough they didn’t get encouragement, motivation and help from the society.
        At one point of her life, she was living with frustration, depression and was longing to hear some inspiring words which will help her to get out of the that dark world. Then, she stopped waiting for people to help her out, instead she started to move on by motivating herself and she did it without expecting anyone’s help. Eventually, she woke up from daydreaming and this is what she desires to instill in people’s minds. She wishes to make people understand that, they can change their fate, if they make the right decision at the right time in their lives. The whole point here is to create awareness among those who concentrate on what they don’t have instead of what they have.


A disabled person actually inspired her to inspire others. His name is Nick Vujicic who was born without arms and legs. Yet, he is having a positive attitude all the time and keeping a bright outlook on life. Furthermore, he never gave up and instead turned his limitations into opportunities. Today at the age of 28, he is travelling all over the world inspiring and motivating millions of people. Thus, she told herself, “If he can be so positive, why not her?”

        Thus, this is another dream of her besides her carrier. She wants to inspire and be inspired by others. Eventhough it is not that easy to be achieved, she will never give up.